Company History

Foundation of the sole proprietorship Jörg & Co. by H. Jörg.
Development of various small devices for the sheet metal processing industry. The primary focus of its activities is Switzerland.

Design and manufacture of the first Slitting and cut-to-length system for metal coil processing. Development of automated gutter bracket machines for the fully-automatic manufacture of these products in various models and materials. The firm begins exporting machines and systems.

Entry into the development and manufacture of pyrotechnic systems for the production of electric ignition devices.

Conversion of the sole proprietorship into a joint stock company. Further development of sheet metal processing machines for various fields of application and customised solutions.

Increase in the customised solutions for complete manufacturing lines for sheet metal processing, e.g. for the fully-automatic manufacture of chrome steel chimney pipes.

Entry into the manufacture of automatic system modules and complete solutions for the production of ingniters and gas generators for the airbag industry.

Expansion of all automation and special engineering areas. Specialisation in these areas and development of fully-automated manufacturing processes tailored to customer needs.

Expansion and development of the existing technology.
Hans W. Jörg AG is now able to handle complex projects using internal specialists. All steps – conception, design, manufacture, assembly, control systems, software development, start-up at the customer’s site and the instruction of personnel – are performed by internal personnel.

After successfully overcoming the crisis without reducing staff numbers, we are once again set to take on new tasks.

Management buyout by Andrea Ierone and other key employees. The name changes from "Hans W. Jörg AG" to "HWJ AG".