Decoiling systems

From retarded decoilers through to highly automated coil selection – choose the appropriate source as material feed in your production line.

  • Decoiler

  • Multiple decoilers

  • Decoiling centre


Our decoilers are either designed as a cantilever construction for single-side loading or as a double-sided support for top loading.
They are equipped with three to four clamping jaws adapted to the internal coil profile.


Coil tensioning is either performed mechanically using a crank handle (series MEC, M02 and GB2) or hydraulically (series HYD), depending on the model.
Decoiling is either slowed using adjustable disc or pan brakes (MEC and GB2 series) or is performed using a monitored drive (HYD and M02 series).

The lighter decoilers from the GB2 series can be stacked on top of each other.
See: multiple decoilers

Coil weight and strip width of standard decoilers

  Coil weight
strip width 2'000 kg 3'000 kg 6'000 kg
1000 mm AWH-1000-2.00-GB2 AWH-1000-3.00-GB2  
1250 mm AWH-1250-2.00-GB2 AWH-1250-3.00-GB2 AWH-1250-6.00-MO2
1500 mm AWH-1500-2.00-GB2 AWH-1500-3.00-GB2 / -MEC AWH-1500-6.00-MO2 / -HYD
  Coil weight
strip width 10'000 kg 15'000 kg  
1500 mm AWH-1500-10.00-HYD AWH-1500-15.00-HYD  

Multiple decoilers

The single decoilers from series G with carousel can be stacked on top of each other.
A downstream multiple feed enables a rapid switch from one strip to another.

Decoiling centre